Reflections from Piazza della Signoria

Even after nearly 500 years, Florentine architecture and art, especially sculpture, has stood the test of time as great accomplishments. Twenty-first century eyes try to imagine humans building five-story high arches and ceilings; and, not only that, painting masterpieces on them. We have created sculptures in the exact image of man—every vein and muscle. 

Nature doesn’t seem to respect it. The birds will stand on their heads and defecate. Water from the sky will leave leave mineral deposits to mare its image. Only by knowledge of history can we appreciate these edifices. 

Nowadays, we can program machines to build these things. We can print a 3D image of everything. Does the Architect of the universe scoff at how we worship the creations of our own hands? We surely do not hold nature up on a pedestal, or put it on a shrine. We will destroy it until we are left without sustenance for life. 

Every generation believes it is the greatest, neigh unto a god, even to the discrediting of His existence. Nature knows of our nothingness, although it fears our ignorance. I hope that generations of this century can find a solution to our ignorance—to become one with the Great Creator is to enter, uninterfered, with His ecology. His creative genius brings endless variation in design and unique consciousness to everything that has life. Our current path to diety is unsustainable and will end in our own demise.

(19 June 2016, Florence)


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