Sea Breeze

A sea breeze on my cheek,
a heart full of peace,
and thus my fourth is complete.

(4 July 2017)


Words! Words!

Words! Words!
So many books are written,
they are falling from the trees.
So many thoughts unheard,
they’ll fill the pages endlessly.
The stories of humanity:
its creativity and discovery
—the faith of the Unknown.

Music! Music everywhere!
Before man walked, birds sang.
Before humans wrote, drums rang.
More music is written than can ever be heard.

See here! See there!
The ground below and the sky above.
The art of sight and the sight of art.
The places where history strode.
The creations of the Almighty Hand.

People! People!
Billions of souls — our fellow sojourners,
Their eyes are hidden worlds.
Friends of old. Friends of new.
My heart yearns for perfect empathy.

Time! Time!
Why do you haunt me so!?
Your life is reminiscent of death—a smoldering incubator. But,
without your persistence, there would be no deliberate existence.

Spinning! Spinning!
The pressure’s incessant.
Pressure! Pressure!
Form diamond from carbon.
Spinning! Spinning!
Null death is not living.
Spinning… Spinning…
Keep the time beating.

(6 April 2017)


We all breathe the same air, the trees know it; the Earth’s lungs give us sustain.
I inhale elements the spirituals, the inspired, and the intellectuals used for greatness
—those molecules run through my brain.

Every race and creed, gender and creature relies on the same vein.
Even that light keeps the Lungs alive, helped Hitler survive.
Are we not all equal then? —Life maintain.

The particles are eternal:
I am in the beginning, I am in the end;
I am in Christ’s children, they are all in me.
I am no less than greatness and no more than death.

Every moment matters, I breathe it in,
we are a living organism—one Earth and one Sun.
Maybe that is why they call it “universe,”
we are all but one word:

(June 2016)

Capital & Lowercase ‘I’

The letter ‘I is meta;
the lower case ‘i‘ is physical;
one is not without the other,
their duality encompasses all existance.
Beware of overindulgence, you overfeed the one, you suffocate the other.
will spit you out and binge you rayless;
the Capital can leave you without footprint.
All we know is synaptic reactions, measured by our own inventions;
but, with a touch of introspection, the master I speaks of the Eternal.
Nonetheless, is the evidence of the art of our Creation.

(13 June 2016, Orvieto)